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Note, these are not stand alone games, you need Medieval Heroes II to play these missions.
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 This site is more or less closed :-(
Palm OS having faded away for WebOS, and WinMoble morphing into WinMo7
Or what ever they are calling it, there just is not enough users left.
I of course refuse to give up my trusty PalmPilot so the game lives on.

Thanks for all whom have contributed, and a big thanks to Arcona Magi for provide the game that has taken so much of our time.

ErstO out

Mission Name Author Palm OS File PPC File Info Page
Genpei 1185 Inarmo genpei1185.pdb genpei1185.pak Info
1824  Tom Tomaro 1824.pdb 1824.pak Info
Mex U Can  Tom Tomaro Mex_U_Can.pdb Mex_U_Can.pak Info
Mex U Can't  Tom Tomaro Mex_U_Cant.pdb Mex_U_Cant.pak Info
Fort NY  Tom Tomaro Fort_NY.pdb Fort_NY.pak Info
Islanders  Tom Tomaro Islanders.pdb Islanders.pak Info
NYC Counties  Tom Tomaro NYC_Counties.pdb NYC_Counties.pak Info
State borders Tom Tomaro State_Borders.pdb State_Borders.pak Info
New Jersey Plus Tom Tomaro NJ+.pdb NJ+.pak Info
Interior Tom Tomaro Interior.pdb Interior.pak Info
East Texas Tom Tomaro East_Texas.pdb East_Texas.pak Info
DFW Schools Tom Tomaro DFW_Schools.pdb DFW_Schools.pak Info
DC Metro Purple Tom Tomaro DC_Metro_purple.pdb DC_Metro_purple.pak Info
DC Metro Tom Tomaro DC_Metro.pdb DC_Metro.pak Info
Afro-Centric Tom Tomaro AfroCentric.pdb AfroCentric.pak Info
Africa Tom Tomaro Africa.pdb Africa.pak Info
Aegean w/o Archery Tom Tomaro aegean2s.pdb aegean2s.pak Info
Plano & Allen ISDs v2 Tom Tomaro A&PISDsV2.pdb A&PISDsV2.pak Info
Plano & Allen ISDs v3 Tom Tomaro A&PISDsV3.pdb A&PISDsV3.pak Info
Toms Ego Tom Tomaro tom.pdb tom.pak Info
Holy Wars 1600 Tom Tomaro HolyWars_1600.pdb HolyWars_1600.pak Info
USA Tom Tomaro USA_99.pdb USA_99.pak Info
Russia Tom Tomaro Russia.pdb Russia.pak Info
Hanseatic League Tom Tomaro Hanseatic_League.pdb Hanseatic_League.pak Info
Have Oblast Tom Tomaro Have_Oblast.pdb Have_Oblast.pak Info
Central Europe 962 Tom Tomaro Central_Europe_962.pdb Central_Europe_962.pak Info
Atlantic Europe  Tom Tomaro FarWestEU FarWestEU Info
Olympics  Tom Tomaro Olympics.pdb Olympics.pak Info
Smile  Tom Tomaro smile.pdb smile.pak Info
1 Dollar  Tom Tomaro 1dollar.pdb 1dollar.pak Info
1 And Tom Tomaro 1and.pdb 1and.pak Info
Chess Tom Tomaro Chess.pdb Chess.pak Info
Aegean City States  Tom Tomaro AegeanCityStates.pdb AegeanCityStates.pak Info
City States Tom Tomaro City_States.pdb City_States.pak Info
Post Plague Invasion  Tom Tomaro Post_Plague_E.pdb Post_Plague_E.pak Info
NAFTA Tom Tomaro NAFTA.pdb NAFTA.pak Info
MLS vs. UEFA Tom Tomaro MLS.pdb MLS.pak Info
Fantasyland Tom Tomaro Fantasyland.pdb Fantasyland.pak Info
Continental War Tom Tomaro Continental_War.pdb Continental_War.pak Info
Nothern Invasion Tom Tomaro Nothern_Invasion.pdb Nothern_Invasion.pak Info
Reunited States Tom Tomaro Reunited_States.pdb Reunited_States.pak Info
XOX Tom Tomaro XOX.pdb XOX.pak Info
Tactics Test Ulf Norlinger See Info Page Info
River World  Tom Tomaro river_world.pdp river_world.pak Info
Pentagon Tom Tomaro Pentagon.pdb Pentagon.pak Info
Hex Tom Tomaro Hex.pdb Hex.pak Info
Pente Hex  Tom Tomaro Pente Hex.pdb Pente Hex.pak Info
William 1066 Tom Tomaro william_1066.pdb william_1066.pak Info
Pacifica Tom Tomaro pacifica.pdb pacifica.pak Info
Tamaran Conquest Tokafondo tamaran.pdb tamaran.pak Info
Battle For Atlantis ErstO Battle4Atlantis.pdb Battle4Atlantis.pak Info
Caesar's Quest Baronic Caesar's Quest.pdb Caesar's Quest.pak Info
Rescue The Princess Paul Rescue_the_Princess.pdb Rescue_the_Princess.pak Info
Tokyo Railway Wars Inarmo TokyoRailWay.pdb TokyoRailWay.pak Info
Medieval_Italy Marcello Fantini Medieval_Italy.pdb not available Info
Black Knight Paul Black_Knight.pdb Black_Knight.pak Info
Gangsters of Chicago Paul Chicago.pdb Chicago.pak Info
Red Sun Rising Baronic Red_Sun_Rising.pdb Red_Sun_Rising.pak Info
East vs West Larry Sullivan east-west.pdb east-west.pak Info
Lake Country Larry Sullivan LakeCountry.pdb LakeCountry.pak Info
Fight for New York Larry Sullivan New_York.pdb New_York.pak Info
Middle Earth Larry Sullivan Middle_Earth.pdb Middle_Earth.pak Info
Emperor of Rome Baronic Emperor_of_Rome.pdb Emperor_of_Rome.pak Info
Fall of rome Baronic Fall of Rome.pdb Fall of Rome.pak Info
Rise of Rome Baronic Rise of Rome.pdb Rise of Rome.pak Info
Sengoku Macy Sengoku.pdb not available Info
Indiana Spud indiana.pdb indiana.pak Info
Ohio Spud ohio.pdb ohio.pak Info
Whole World Kris WholeWorld.pdb WholeWorld.pak Info
Michigan Turmoil Lucus Keppel scenario010.pdb not available Info
Pennsylvania ErstO Pennsylvania.pdb Pennsylvania.pak Info
Bear Island ErstO Bear_Island.pdb Bear_Island.pak Info
Map of Great Britain ErstO View Info View Info Info
Albigensian Crusade A. Littlefish (Alf) Scenario009.pdb Scenario009.pak Info
Ruler Of Britain A. Littlefish (Alf) Scenario007.pdb Scenario007.pak Info
Welsh Wars A. Littlefish (Alf) Scenario008.pdb Scenario008.pak Info
Tudor 1485 ErstO Tudor_1485.pdb Tudor_1485.pak Info
Un-United States ErstO UnUnited States.pdb UnUnited States.pak Info
Loading Missions:
Palm OS - use the Palm Installer as you would any other program or data base.
PPC - copy mission .pak file into the "\Program Files\Medieval Heroes II\Data" directory
(see Game Editor FAQ if you need more information on loading missions)
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