Medieval Heroes II

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1824 1824.jpg
Provinces = 92
Heroes = 6
Author is Tom Tomaro
This mission encompasses the conflicts in North American Politics in the early 19th Century.

1819 Spain signs international treaty setting 42nd parallel as northern border with Oregon Terr.
1820 Maine admitted as a free state
1821 Missouri admitted as a slave state
1824 Mexican Independence removes Spain from America North of Central America and Cuba.

5 years of history set the roots of the USAs wars for almost a century.
US Mexican war
US Civil War (War of Northern Aggression)
Spanish American War
ongoing wars against Native Americans

This map assumes autonomy of States and territories, but forces you to win all of these wars in one game.
Purists will note that I separated Tejas at a time Mexico would have considered it a part of Coahuila.  This was needed to replicate the conflicts of the 1830's leading to the independence of Texas (1836) and later annexation (1845), which directly lead to the US Mexican War (1846-1848).  With out which Californian Gold would have enriched Mexico instead of the US (1849) & there would be no Silicone Valley or Hollywood.


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