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Aegean City States
(Greek City States)
Provinces = 80
Heroes = 6
Author is Tom Tomaro
Fairly accurate aegean map.  Combines and mislabels some islands.

Before the Persians came on the scene Greek city sates controled Greece the agean and the western portion of asia minor.  City states fought each other until the Persians united thier efforts.  In this pre-persian modle you can try to unite all of grees under the banner of one city state.  Timeline in this fantasy is clearly a fantasy as we try to bring several states at thier prime together.

Update: Map is unchanged.  I made a very minor change (name of Spartan leader corrected to Leonidas)
I have had the chance to further test Aegean.  It works as intended and has rapidly become one of my favorites along with west of the rhine and Norman invasion (it took a long time to get to that version.

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