Medieval Heroes II

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Provinces = 99
Heroes = 6
Author is Tom Tomaro
The impact of the Med and the Mideast on Africa thoughout history have been dramatic.  This map can be used for multiple missions exploring that.

The soul of Africa is up for grabs.  Will competing Islamic or Christian sects convert Africa?  Or will the polytheisist Yoruba or the ancestor worshiping Zulu win the soul of Africa?

PS.  This is one of the Maps I have created which would be good to steal.  If you take the .mm file and open it in the Map Editor you can change the values of provinces, names or number or competiors.  Locations of Capitals, Ownership of provinces and more.  Making the maps and labeling them is a lot of work but starting from an .mm file and making a unique mission on an existing labled map is not.  You can even change the labels (to make Isreal into Palestine, Italy into Rome or correct Tom's misspellings).

I have a lot of fun making missions (and somewhat less fun making maps).  I welcome you to use, revise and send in you revisions as your own and look forward to plaing your missions.

This is a large map with Africa and the Mid east.  I have included comments in the mission description encouraging others to take the .MM file and create new missions.


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