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Battle For Atlantis
Battle For Atlantis
Provinces = 43
Heroes = 3 + 1
Author is ErstO
Lines have been drawn, the election was not good for the noblemen of the three independent provinces.  The new leader of Atlantis was heading to the capital province of Mon to be given the vest of ruler of all Atlantis.

But the losers of the election, the three independent noblemen, Karneth, Platis, and Voltairick, are not about to sit idle and watch a commoner govern.

So total war begins.

Strike hard and fast, the central government is weekend by not having a standing Army, but beware, their resources are vast, it will not take long for an Army to arise.

Note: yes I know the map would fit better rotated 90 degrees, but I didn't like the looks of that :p

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