Medieval Heroes II

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Bear Island
Provinces = 63
Heroes = 4+1
Author is ErstO

Welcome to a land long ago lost to the seas, a small island off the west cost of Ireland, a land ruled by the evil Depiero who achieved his riches by deception and cohersing young men into paying for mail order romance.

Then things changed, the evil Depiero was forced pay mountains of retributions to those wronged and his kingdom became a shadow of power.

Word spread quickly throughout the land and Heroes emerged to regain richesness and freedom, even at the expense of total war.

The WarriorGoddess Climbed her mount to seize the eastern half of Baer Mountain from Elavats, while Lordshadowz battled Crakerz for the western regions.

The victor of these two battles would soon meet on the open plans surrounding Cub Lake to battle for the remaining Kingdom of Depiero.

During this mission you may encounter remnants of Depiero's battered army, Depiero himself is said to be hiding out in his capital, seek justice and end his pitiful existence.

This just in, WorriorGoddess was just spotted prepairing to go to battle, (see this)
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