Medieval Heroes II

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DFW Schools
Provinces = 99
Heroes = 6
Author is Tom Tomaro
Map has minor errors.  For example Highland Park is actually surrounded by Dallas and is near the northern part of the DISD.

Texas has indepentent school districts.  This means that city goverments do not control them and city boundaries do not match ISDs with similar names.  They are elected and have indepentent taxing authority.  In the 1990's a judge ordered Robin Hood, a plan to send tax money from rich school districts to poorer ones (rather  than the more logical approach of not sending state money to rich district and sending more state money to poorer ones).  The inner city schools with the most need are particularly hurt by this as they are technically rich districts due to thier ability to tax downtown business real estate.  In this mission, anger over robin hood has lead to war.  Pick a Dallas area District and unite these noth Texas ISDs.

DFW Schools comes from my interest in the lack of coordination between cities and school districts in Texas.  The game play is different then some of my other games because I placed 5 of the 6 player very close to each other. This is inspired by the large size of the Dallas ISD near the center of the map.  This allows suburban school districts near Dallas to engage rapidly.  If you play one of those 5 (North, South, East, West, and Ellis County) take Dallas immediately for a defensive advantage (Free castle with 4 catapults requires little to defend in early rounds).  Oddly enough Hunt County is one of the easiest to play as it is far from early competition.


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