Medieval Heroes II

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MLS vs. UEFA MLS.jpg
Provinces = 99
Heroes = 6
Author is Tom Tomaro
This version takes advantage of a programing quirk to potentially triple surviving Long Bowmen after an attack.  This advantage is offset by the map.

American Soccer is ready to take on European Football.  The problem is that all UEFA teams have to get trhough you to get to their true rivals, each other.  Can you devend yourself against 5 top Football leagues.

All leagues but the Bundesliga are computer only.  Bundesliga is either, for hot seat play (or to defend UEFA's honor).

This pits an strong player directly against 5 opponents.  It uses (abuses) a programming error I discovered in ine of the roman missions on your site.  The prolem is you can never use the same army type twice in the same player.  This uses bowman 3 times.  I honestly do not know if the same problem exist in the PDA (PAK) as it does on my Palm T5.  Ehat happens is the computer puts your bowman in one column in all 3 after successful combat.  It may be wise to warn users to avoid allowing thier armies to exceed 100 million can cause calculation problems for the program.
Let me know if you think it is a bad idea to post 

mmm, wll not I dont think its a bad idea to post, but I'll think about it.
ok, thinking .... 100 million strong army?   Think I'll post it  ErstO out

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