Medieval Heroes II

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Plano & Allen ISDs
V. 3
Provinces = 86
Heroes = 6
Author is Tom Tomaro
Tom is a graduate of the Irving ISD, another suburb of Dallas.

Plano, a suburb of Dallas, has become large enough to be tracked by the BLS as a large city.  Recently it became the highest per capita income city in the USA, largely due to the fact that it has no urban core to support.  The Plano Independent School District maintains a system that dates back to their small town roots.  Rather than build a second 4 year high school PISD decided they would win a football if instead they built a 9th/10th Grade High School and turn Plano HS into Plano Senior High 11th/12th only.  This doubled their student pool for athletics and gave them an easily beaten opponent to play.  In 1984 Plano East, and in the 1990's Plano West became new Senior Highs (Unfortunately making it harder for Plano to go undefeated).  Allen is a nearby suburb with a single 4 year High School.  This map encloses feeder schools as territories inside the upper schools.  2 exceptions - Jasper Hs and Jackson ES each feed 2 schools and show as 2 territories.  Go Conquer.

This is a different kind of map where territories are inside each other. Outer vs inner home castle in these versions leads to very different winning strategies.


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