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Red Sun Rising Emperor_of_Rome
Provinces = 11
Heroes = 6
Author is Baronic

RED SUN RISING (created by Baronic)

It is a grim year, and the red sun is rising, as the fields will be strewn with the bodies of young men. Six strong nations, battling out for the supremacy of the italian peninsular, and only one faction will survive.


Rome is besieged on all fronts, and the senate SPQR will find it it difficult to face its enemies. But it can probably outlast them, as the lands around it is rich with resources. It will take time, but then, as they say, Rome wasnt built in a day.


Roman Julii, situated at the northern area, are practically next door to the barbarian Gauls. The threat of extinction is huge indeed. But if they can conquer the barbarians, the entire northen italy would be theirs for the taking!


The Roman Scipii, have much to contend with, especially the SPQR. Only wits, and an army of superior cavalry will save them.


They have good infantrymen. They have cavalry. But the one thing they dont have, is good missile units, and of course, living space. They will have to act quick, and decisively, and destroy one of the southern factions for resources.


The barbarian gauls have the powerful berserkers. The Roman Julii are the only faction standing in their way for a proper foothold in roman lands. Then, even rich Rome will not withstand the onslaught.


The Greeks have good cavalry, superior missile units, and strong melee units. By all rights, the roman lands should be theirs. But caught between the onslaught of Roman Brutii and Roman Scipii, the Greeks will have to rely not on brute strength, but sheer cunning.


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