Medieval Heroes II

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Sengoku Sengoku
Provinces = 49
Heroes = 6
Author is Macy

It is the last half of the western 16th century and the Sengoku-Jidai or Warring States Period would find all of Japan in constant military conflict .

Your mission is to unify and conquer all of Japan

Your heroes in this quest are:
Oda Nobunaga Capital Owari
Date Masamune Capital Rikuchu
Uesugi Capital Echigo
Takeda Shingen Capital Kai
Mouri Motonari Capital Harima
Shimazu Yoshihisa Capital Satsuma

See Wikipedia for more information on the history of Japan

We are not sure who the author of this mission is, it was discovered a while ago by a friend of this site on a Japanese review site and there are no links to the author.

If anyone knows who the author is please drop me a line so proper credit can be given


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