Medieval Heroes II

The Unofficial Add On Game Index for the Palm OS & PPC Game

Tactics Author is Ulf Norlinger

Tactics.doc - The results of my tactics tests. Can be used as a guide for your own tests, or you can apply the tactics right off.

The set of pdb-files are for testing different tactics at attack, defence and siege. They can be edit as you see fit (with the corresponding source files).

Attack.pdb - The central province (surrounded by six provinces) can be used to test your campaign army against armies of different strength. The name of the provinces reflects the army compositions.

Castle.pdb - As above, but you lay siege to castles with guardian armies of different strength.

Defence.pdb - Here you can defend your castle with different setups (you can build enhancements as you play) against an invading army. Generally it takes some turns before the enemy attacks.

Download the Game Archive Files for all 3 games and an interesting help file by Ulf

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