Medieval Heroes II

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Tudor 1485
Provinces = 42
Heroes = 6
Author is ErstO
The year is 1485, and all of England is in the Early days of the War of the Roses.

King Richard was killed in the battle of Bosworth, and Henry VII The victor of this battle and son of Edmund Tudor, would soon name himself King

But as word spread of the loss of King Richard, other ambitious Noblemen seized on the idea of ascending to the British throne.

Build your Armies and conquer the lands before a new King, Henry VII is crowned.

Wannabees in this scenario:

Marquis of Dorset, Thomas Grey
Duke of Norfolk, John Howard
Duke of Northumberland, Sir Henry Algernon Percy
Earl of Pembroke, Jasper Tudor
Earl of Shrewsbury, George Talbot
Earl of Surrey, Thomas Howard

For more information on the War of the Roses or Tudor England try here first TudorHistory

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