Medieval Heroes II

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Un-United States
Provinces = 39
Heroes = 5
Author is ErstO
Chose Emperor Bush in his battle out of Texas and load up on Berserker to defeat the northern clans, or fight with his brother, Prince Jeb of Florida as he tries to elevate himself to that of King.

Or if looking for an easy victory, fight with King Schwarzenegger that is in control of California as he sends his Vityaz’s east.

In the north we find the Proletarian Kennedy expanding his empire out of Maine while Premear Kerry hiding out in Wisconsin tries to rally his Maceman to a victory that was stolen in years past.

This mission has a new map with vary few secure provinces and offers lots of large Army battles, and shifting front lines.

It has been “Play Tested” on expert mode and is winnable on par with the 5 games that come with Medieval Heroes II, I have not tested it on lower levels.

And before any one complains, I know a few northeastern states are missing, they were just to damn small to hold a castle <g>

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